18650 visitors a month from a new tiny little blog


I haven’t been blogging too much on here for a reason… I run quite a few other sites/blogs in various niches.

About 8 months ago I build a site for friend of mine in the spirituality related niche.  It was supposed to be just a simple blog for her community, friends, and a few traffic stragglers from Google.  After I ended up building the site it turns out that she did not want it anymore. What a surprise… people are usually pretty excited to get started on a new project until they see that… work is involved.

I have had bad luck getting friends and family to put in work on sites and related tasks… even when paying them well, but that’s besides the point.

It turns out that I ended up keeping this blog, I just didn’t want for it to go to waste and sit there dead. I asked myself… what if?

What if I am able to build up a nice blog… not rush, or spend too much time writing on it… because I really don’t have a lot of time. Perhaps just an article or two a week.

In the beginning it was dreadful… the first month or so all I ended up getting was around 5 – 10 visitors a day. But I did not want to give up on this site. Perhaps I wanted to prove a point. And I knew that I could pay for traffic and get people to visit the blog – yet I felt that if I did that… perhaps they would just come and go and not much would be accomplished with paid traffic because of the way I had the site set up, being a new site, and not really having a lot to offer.

By the way… did I mention to you that I previously hated SEO?

Recalling my earlier days in marketing, SEO has always been like the plague for me, one which all too often I would just beg for mercy from the SEO gods. No matter how much I tried before – it just wasn’t my thing.

This time, with my new blog I wanted to give SEO and organic traffic a shot.

Here are some of the steps I took

-I researched for keywords within Google.

-I wrote few but valuable articles that had my keywords places strategically in it.

-I outsourced some of the writing.

-I ordered a few “backlinks” gigs from outsourcing sites – nothing to big, just a few here and there.

-I built social media channels for the blog – primarily Google.

-I rinsed and repeated the steps above.

-I added Google Analytics to keep track of all of the madness.

-I also added an email auto responder to collect leads that I would email when a new article was written.

And then… traffic began to grow little by little. And so did money that I am getting from it via the affiliate promotional products that I recommend.  Nothing to write home about yet though.

So what’s my point?

My point is that in the beginning I never expected for this blog to have so much potential. It has proven at the moment that “it has legs” and even though it’s not making a lot of money, the potential is there.

And it’s so crucial to understand that in the beginning the dismal amount of traffic that it was getting was the reality. I thought “what if this is what it’s all about?  What if this is how it will remain for a long time?”

I have had blogs that never went anywhere. I can remember one that I started which had a glitch that did not help most of my blog entires/pages to get indexed. A glitch that was hard to spot yet this greatly hindered that other site from growing. I don’t really care about that site getting much organic traffic because I use it more like a calling card, only giving links to people and not expecting much from organic traffic.  It’s more like a calling card for branding purposes.

I know that all too often we get that nudge in our stomach… what if this site, this blog, or this niche I am in… doesn’t go anywhere and just crumbles after spending a great deal of time and effort into it?

And the truth is that we never know. No matter how much experience we have within a niche, a blog, or product launch… we can only do our best and put it out there, and continue to work on it, yet we can never know if we have a winner or a miss.

So what if 1 chance is all you got?

This is where your true colors have to shine. And what I mean by true colors is – your mindset. It’s all in the mindset.

If you go in with a mindset that you will overcome many obstacles and that you are not going to quite, or jump ship to another niche… then you will win.

All the obstacles, trials and tribulations are there for a reason – I really don’t know what that reason is, but what I can tell you is that this is how this “marketing business” works.

We gotta keep hacking at it – within the same niche, until something comes out of it. In the beginning the numbers might look sour yet everything changes.

I guess I’m getting more philosophical here (can’t blame a guy that is doing pretty well in the spirituality niche), but that’s my whole point… nothing stays the same. When we move forward we make progress, regardless how bleak the road might look. Before you know it, you will see a dim little light… just keep moving towards that light. And that light might be further that you expected it to be, and there might be plenty of obstacles in your way… keep hacking at it.

There seems to be a threshold of failing before making it for most of us.

And in the wise words of Jim Morrison: “Break on through to the other side.”