Monthly Archive:: May 2015

Video Marketing Metrics

Let’s face it, we all love to watch videos more than reading (well most of us) and feel that well made video that is entertaining, thoughtful and original can definitely change our mood, and perspective on whether to buy something or not. Before talking ...Read More

Building Your Tribe

A lot of people believe that when they set up a website, they should have clients flocking to them very quickly because they have believed the fraudulent saying “build it and they will come.” That is the biggest lie that you can believe in ...Read More

Don’t call yourself an internet marketer

  Many of us have learned how to market on line from “gurus,” forums, and networks. Along the way we were pitched many over hyped products that used the words “Internet Marketing” for the ease of the sale. The sellers of these products knew ...Read More

Here’s an awesome traffic source for you…

The battle rages on as to where the best place to find traffic to your website is located in the realm of the interwebs is located. Before we start let’s just clear one thing up: paid traffic is 10 times better than “free traffic” ...Read More

What is the right eCommerce foundation?

What separates from all other eCommerce Marketing websites out there is that we don’t inundate you with information and feed you long boring articles day after day. We simply give you the best resutls that we have gotten from our own eCommerce websites ...Read More