Big niche VS. small little strange niche

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We publish informational products in a variety of niches, from big niches such as in marketing and advertising where we have various apps and online software for marketing, mainly for video and and social media marketing. And not to forget our online graphics website. Besides that, we also publish in other lesser known niches that are not internet marketing related.

We publish on those small little niches, that some might even consider “strange” because of one simple reason:

Our offers convert quite well.  What we mean by this is that we publish premium content that people really like, and we add so much value that people buy our products within those niches.

And the best part?

Advertising and getting online traffic in these smaller niches cost a fraction of a cost for the kind of traffic you would get for big niches such as in online marketing, health niches, or any highly competitive niches.

Getting traffic in small targeted niches can cost 50% less…  and sometimes even 75% less…  and if you find a hidden gem you can get traffic for 90% less than it would cost you to get traffic to a Internet marketing related niche.

Now, the reason why I mention this is because I see a lot of people trying to make money online and they fail badly. And it just so happens that most of this people come out of the gate for the first time and target those highly competitive niches.

What a highly competitive niche truly means is that you will need a large amount of capital to advertise and begin to even make a profit.  And if you try your hand at SEO from scratch, well it can happen but it will take months and months to rank for competitive keywords… if ever possible – not even that is a guarantee.

So clearly, people pursue these niches because they see the “gurus” gloss over and brag about how much money they are making in a competitive niche.  I guess there is nothing sexy about working your ass off in a specific well targeted niche where you deliver 10 times the value for the money a person might pay for your product. I guess that mentioning that you have to test every single step of the process and tweak things until they work is not quite so sexy.

And as you can guess by now…  (I use the word guess a lot sometimes), I’m encouraging everyone that is beginning on online marketing to go for low hanging fruit because sometimes low hanging fruit might be the only fruit there is unless you have a big budget, deep connections with join venture partners, and connections in advertising.

Find a niche that you are passionate about, and find an angle on how to monetize it.

Need samples of what a good niche might be?  

There are many places to get intel (Tribe Speaker being my favorite one for obvious reasons), another place I would recommend is Go there and look at what websites are selling on the marketplace, their selling points, what value are put upon them, etc.

Once you get over all the guru hype BS, you’ll start to see what is truly working with digital products… and even with physical products.

Let the internet be your artistic canvas… paint one picture at a time.