Building Your Tribe

15ourportfolio copy 2A lot of people believe that when they set up a website, they should have clients flocking to them very quickly because they have believed the fraudulent saying “build it and they will come.

That is the biggest lie that you can believe in a million years because you can build the best mousetrap in the world, but if there is no cheese, the mouse won’t show up. Least to say that we’re calling your clients mice, but a lot of people mistakenly think that they can bait a moose with cheese.

If you want to attract a moose, you must put out a salt lick and not a cheese trap.

Building your tribe is a 3 step process:

1) The first thing is to actually build a landing page and drive geo-targeted traffic towards it. The reason for this is simple. Think of Facebook ads. See how many people just drive pointless traffic towards their opt in page but they have no interest in actually buying from you.

The idea to drive targeted traffic is so you know they are interested and most likely will commit to buying from you in the future.

2) The second thing is to have a relevant lead magnet, something people will happily exchange their e-mail address and other details for, over a period of time. Without this lead magnet, you are going to have a very challenging time trying to get something out of people.

3) The third and most important thing when it comes to building your tribe, isn’t just building your list.

It is building the relationship with your list.

This is the thing that MOST people in Internet Marketing miss out on. They think that if they shoot off an e-mail once a month half heartedly to people, that people will be interested.

It takes on average a minimum of 7 times before anyone really notices you, so what is that saying about advertising.

It speaks volumes of being as consistent as you possibly can and if possible, emailing your list every single day. When you are in front of people all the time, it becomes very simple for them to start sitting up and take notice.

The next thing about building your list and this is a secret that most people don’t often get, is it’s not just about traffic.

Traffic is fantastic but there is a very important economic model that a lot of people seem to miss out on. You can have all the traffic in the world however if you are not having conversions from that traffic, you’re going to have a very hard time getting sales.

Always endeavor to write just the way you speak, it gives your prospects a chance to get to know the real flavor of you.

People are by nature always skeptical and wary of things that they do not know in the beginning unless they feel completely comfortable with it. Your job is to keep in touch with your tribe but more than anything, build your relationship with them.