Don’t call yourself an internet marketer



Many of us have learned how to market on line from “gurus,” forums, and networks. Along the way we were pitched many over hyped products that used the words “Internet Marketing” for the ease of the sale.

The sellers of these products knew that the words “internet marketer” were hot buzz words that made many people buy, and they were right. During the days when Clickbank was the hot place to be for internet marketers and the money seemed to flow like champagne.

So what happened?  

People woke up the the BS. The over hyped claims of making money online with the push of a button, or by simply writing articles for article farms are long and gone. People trampled across those methods, and if they ever did once worked at all… well not you can rest assured that they no longer work.

So why not call yourself an Internet Marketer?

Because it doesn’t mean a darn thing. Those words don’t mean anything… other than perhaps evoking memories of those days were people were making quick sales to teach others how to make money online.

If those quick money days ever existed for some…. they should don’t exist now for anyone.

Forget those get rich schemes. Instead focus on get rich slow. AND with that goes the saying… specialize in your field.

See, internet marketing is to bland, non descriptive and it’s painted with pictures of snake oil salesman.

Build a real business and specialize in something unique. You can be:

A video advertising specialist

A traffic and conversions specialist

A software developer


A designer, better yet – a User Interface Designer

Affiliate marketer… specially in a specific niche.

You get the idea?

The world is yours. Specialize in something and let the world know about it. Allow people to see you as a real entrepreneur, a business owner, someone that is creative and innovative.

Now, isn’t that much better than just being an Internet Marketer?

The ball is in your court.