Facebook Vs. YouTube for traffic sources

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It goes without saying that the two most potent internet traffic sources at the moment are Facebook and Youtube.

But how well do they fair agains each other?

You can ask the top 100 marketers who use paid advertising online and you will get a whole variety of answers on what their unique process is, and what works best for them… well that’s if they were willing to share that information with. Unfortunately most are not.

So here I am just going to give you a few insights of what is working for us. Please keep in mind that this is not a “Case Study” but rather a few tips on how to go about paid marketing… a few of our current notes if you will.  I will soon be posting more elaborate case studies with fancy charts and numbers for those that need something more business like, but for now….

I’ll just come out and say that YouTube has some great potential for those willing to spend a little bit more time, and creativity in making videos… if you do this, your dollar will go a heck of a lot further – rather than just putting up ads on Facebook.

The long of the short of it is that YouTube creates a whole new set of dynamics that currently Facebook does not offer… for the same amount of money you are willing to spend each platform.


Instead of writing long paragraphs (which I seem to be good at), I will just break it down to a few bullet point type notes that you can gloss over. Decide for yourself which one these apply to your particular niche, and which ones you are willing to go after.

Facebook VS. Youtube advertising notes:

  • Facebook is great for laser targeting a specific audience. Keep in mind that this can be quite costly, specially in competitive niches such as online marketing, retail, etc. and in order to make this pay off – you need to have a strong sales funnel that can sustain such lengthly costs of advertising.
  • With Facebook if you already have a solid fan page with many people that are actually buyers then you can target those people at a much lower ad spend than you would when you are just coming out of the gate for the first time. This can be the best form of advertising for your dollar.
  • Youtube is currently the king of video, and therefore if you can make better videos than you competition you will have a hand up in that race. Keep in mind that is not all about making the best videos, but knowing how to rank them with SEO (nothing crazy that will get you delisted on the search engines, but just simple SEO). Such videos that your audience is able to find can have a much greater impact.
  • When paying for video ads on YouTube you should still have them optimized for ranking them (the basics are:  great title, a cover that jumps out, good tags, and don’t forget a link back to your website or landing page).
  • Even if YouTube ad costs are the same as Facebook… the potential of your video getting more views via going viral is far greater than a Facebook ad getting more “likes and shares.”  Although you should ask yourself, which one would you prefer? More views on Youtube or more likes and shares on Facebook?
  • Once your Facebook ad is up, it seems that the only way to continue gathering leads into that ad is to pump more money into it. While in Youtube you can continue to garner leads/sales via offering your video to your blog, list, and any other free resources you might have at hand.
  • There is an old aphorism that I’ve heard a few times… always go in the opposite direction of the crowd. At the moment it seems that lots of people with lots of money are going more towards Facebook, now this might now always be the case in the future, but for now… I’m tempted to go towards Youtube, or even other lesser known ad platforms where I can get better conversions for my ad budget.
  • I truly love Facebook and Youtube advertising. Why?  Because I believe in sticking with maybe 2 or 3 main sources and mastering them – and that is when the pay off happens. Instead of jumping from many traffic sources, why not just stick with a few and master them so I can finally truly know what I am doing, instead of shooting darts in the dark.
  • I love the idea of instant traffic from Facebook, it only takes a while before you start getting traffic… but it also takes just a while to start seeing your ad dollars fly out. Youtube takes more work, planning, creativity, but will all of that pay off more when you measure up the time/money spent?
  • And yes, Facebook also has video ads but how do they compare to Youtube within your own niche?  Do they deliver the same conversions for the same amount of money than that of Youtube? At the moment Facebook video ads seem to be quite costly and they are not part of a developed platform such as Youtube where you can build a channel, subscribers to that channel, amongst other tools that Youtube provides. Facebook will soon create additional tools for video advertisers but it’s simply not there yet… compared to Youtube.
  • With Youtube you can build more authority with video rather than just simply posting ads. This come back to the notion that simple ads are more popular because they are easier to build, therefore a much bigger marketing crowd goes there, rather than going after something that is more elaborate and takes more time to build.
  • While Youtube ads can be quite beneficial, for my own specific niches we’ve found that PPC Adwords ads are not converting as well as Facebook ads. In other words, just because we got a Adwords account for Youtube… we stay away from PPC ads where we can easily lose our shirt on. This might work better for you and your niche but it has not worked for us at the moment.

I wrote this article primarily for those that are starting out that might not already have a solid, optimized, sales funnel, and perhaps not that big of a budget to pump into marketing. And consider that a great thing if you are starting out. Why? Because you want to test each step of the way and see what gives you more results before you take all the time to produce content, products, ads, and everything else – only to spend money. When your resources are limited you will find creative ways to go about marketing and advertising online. This also gives you time to try out and see what works best for you. Perhaps you will discover that Youtube is best, or perhaps you will rely more on Facebook due to the fact that most of your targeted audience is there. There is not right or wrong way – it’s all about testing, getting those results and tweaking them and moving forward.

What I listed above are just some scattered notes that I use and go by on a daily basis. The world of advertising moves so fast that you yourself should have a few notes on what works for you. If you rely on “experts” and their programs… realize that by the time they launch such program and you come across it… lots of things within that advertising area might have changed. Therefore I think it’s best for us to keep up with our own notes, our own insights and adjust them as we go along.

I will be sharing more on my ad buying ventures and I move in deeper in the coming months with some ad buys from both Facebook and Youtube and I will be able to give you some more granular insights into what converts best.

I have to give you just one more important piece to spending money on ads… whenever you spend money – make sure you drive traffic to a capture page where you can capture your audiences email. If you are just driving traffic to a product/offer, you might be losing money. Instead drive traffic to where your auto responder box is right front and center for them to opt-in. If you don’t capture their emails and build a relationship with that list… you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Building a subscriber list can be expensive… but not building one will be more expensive.

All the best… and keep tracking!