How can I generate more leads and email subscribers?

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How can I generate more leads/people subscribing to my list?

And the answer is that in order to get more leads you need get more traffic to your website.

The truth of the matter is that there are many traffic streams out there but the trick is in focusing on just a few excellent ones, and developing a specific process in which you are always testing and optimizing your chosen traffic streams.

The primary ones that I highly recommend and that are hot right now are:

Facebook (both paid and unpaid methods). Primarily funneling traffic to a fan page, and from your fan page to an opt in box – either on the fan page itself or one your website.

2. Google Adwords. This can be more expensive and with a bigger learning curve but if done correctly it can bring tremendous success.

3. Bing Ads. This is the underdog compared to Google Adwords but there are plenty of areas that can be optimized to bring leads.

4. Solo Ads/Purchasing a list of prospects. This method also requires expertise due to the nature of the business. Many sellers connecting you with these lists have already “churned and burned” the prospects that are in their lists, therefore due diligence is required. A whole book can be written on this area alone, and I will provide more information soon. Research is a must, and the best places to start is in forums pertaining to your niche. Talk to people, get to know who is who, and build relationships with trusted sellers of prospect lists.

5. Networking events. This is a great source for warm leads. Whether you meet prospects at expos, conferences, or even a local “meet-ups.” This method alone can lead you to a pot of gold. What is great about this method is that you get to meet people face to face and they see who you are, and who they will be doing business with.

6. Referrals. Don’t be afraid to ask those you know, or even people that you don’t know to network with you and refer you to possible buyers. It never hurts to ask. Always remember the name of the person that you can mention when following up with referrals.

7. Youtube. If you want to get an edge then start making videos. Get yourself on camera, or hire someone to be on camera for you, or to the very least do a powerpoint or screencast videos. See what works best for your business, and load them up to Youtube and other related sites. Video is hot and if you are not producing videos for your business, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. And who cares if they are professional quality or not, you’d be surprise that many people don’t care how your video looks… yet the content must be rich, unique, and interesting!

8. Connect with your audience. Deep down inside you already know the best ways to connect with your audience. What happens is that sometimes we feel that we are “missing” something in order for our plan to work, and we get distracted by the hype that many marketers offer as the “secret” you must have. In reality, you will discover all you need to do along your journey if you take action right away. Connect with your audience by working the phone, meeting in person, and sending out emails on a daily basis. This plan within itself will make your list grow as you gain momentum and others recommend you to their peers.

I will soon write more articles in continuance of this one. Make sure to check back.