How to get better internet traffic.

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In my report “7 mistakes that will kill your online business” I shared some essential mistakes to be weary of, while building your online business.

There is one crucial mistake that I left out, and I did so intentionally because it’s something that you will always have as a challenge, and it will morph into manny different obstacles.

I left it out of the report because it is ever evolving, and a subject matter that I will elaborate more  through different articles on this blog, so you can find just the right answer that applies to you and your specific niche.

I don’t think there is another such crucial step as that of mastering your traffic sources that convert. Although, some gurus might argue that the most crucial step is “conversions” or having a skillful “funnel,” but let’s face it, without traffic that works and converts— nothing else matters.

If you don’t have mastered 2 or 3 traffic sources that bring you leads, and sales, then your business will quickly diminish.

We know this is crucial, so how can we tackle this challenge?

Important steps to mastering your online traffic sources:

1. Decide once and for all what your 2 or 3 traffic sources will be.

      YouTube Traffic

  • Facebook traffic

Those are my main traffic sources:  YouTube traffic and Facebook traffic.

I could list dozens of traffic sources for you here, but that would just be a long list that you and I will quickly forget. What is important is for you to discover your own converting traffic for your offers, your products, and affiliate product recommendations.

Youtube and Facebook traffic are my two main sources that I must always be on top of, and continue to expand, master, and put to use. It’s not easy but is doable.

I start by testing out various offers with a low amount of money – usually around $50, and I wait and see what kind of results I get.

For instance, with Facebook traffic there can be many different variations, ad types, audience targeting, etc.

Testing and keeping track of each variation and the results I get, is what I go for.

So what is the true overall process?

I have tried various processes to go about getting traffic from Facebook.

The best one I currently use is in driving traffic to a free opt-in form where others will give me their email in exchange for a gift. From here I can build a relationship with them via email and I can provide more value in order to further help them along their journey.

Driving traffic straight into an offer without capturing their email first is just a waste of money.

Capture their email.

Build a relationship with them.

Provide valuable content.

Recommend your own products/services, and affiliate products.

I am currently testing various specific techniques that work within my two main traffic sources. I will go more into detail in future posts.

Here are some overall tips that will bring you traffic that converts with your offers:

– Have an offer that is truly worth promoting. One that is the very best you can put out, and that others will truly love. This can be challenging, but with great effort it can be accomplished.

– Target down your audience as much as possible. Facebook ads are not difficult to grasp, yet where the mastery really lies is in knowing just who your audience is. Having as much information of who your audience is, what characteristics they hold… this will greatly help you in building your targeted audience.

– Your audience will have specific “likes” of hobbies and people that they follow within your niche. Connect to those that seem fit with those characteristics, and fit with the business you are promoting.

– With Youtube you can hit it out of the park with just the right set of videos that are deemed informative and entertaining. Creating those unique videos can bring you just the right kind of traffic. It also helps to rank those videos. Don’t over complicate things with “seo.” Ranking those videos can be as simple as ordering a few gigs for video ranking from or similar sites, and having all of your description and tags in sync with what your video is about, and the audience you are aiming to reach. Yes, there is a little bit more to it, but it’s not an over complicated process.

A few important things for marketers to keep in getting more online traffic:

Start with small challenges and accomplish those challenges before moving forward to bigger challenges.  Forget about making a million dollars over night and take your time in developing a well put together offers that attract the right traffic.

Some offers/products no matter how much we are in love with them will never pan out with traffic, or in making any money. Don’t tie yourself down with one or two specific offers. Be able to quickly ditch was is not working and move forward to test new offers, new ad copy, targeted audiences, etc.

Continue to move forward while honing down your traffic skill within specific traffic platforms is a good way to carry on in your journey. Be able to break things down into chunks, and segment parts of your business – including your audience targeting.

A great place to start is by reading “7 mistakes that will kill your online business” (if you haven’t done so) and develop your own unique hub that attracts your tribe, and a hub that easily syncs all the components of your business in order to facilitate getting more leads and more sales.

For some of us, getting traffic will be a big challenge but one that can be accomplished with the right mindset, patience, and taking the right actions.

And yes, it’s always an ongoing challenge, so I will be writing more about this topic soon.

Go out there and make it count.