Make your biggest breakthrough blogging in 2016


This is a simple but powerful blog entry on how to make your biggest breakthrough blogging in 2016.

One of my biggest pitfalls this year is having a few different websites that get neglected due to time constraints. Not because I don’t care about them but because there are only so many hours in the day for me to put into them.

So why do I keep so many different websites/blogs?

The answer is simple:  Because they make money. 

I do hire others to write for me for some of the blogs but ultimately I edit and rewrite the articles to my liking. Everything seems to be tweaking to some degree.

It’s been a surprising year in the way that a few of my blogs have completely taken off – blogs that I started out just to “test” and somehow they stumble onto success.  And by success I mean that they make a little bit of money in order to me worth while. But that’s not all, although they do make money, ultimately they are in niches that I am passionate about.

I feel as if though blogging is back in style and for some reason in 2016 it will be easier to make money by blogging.  And when I mean “by some reason” of course it all comes down to Google and what they seem to allow within their search engines, and also social media.

I believe that in 2016 it will be a bit easier to make money by selling products, or via posted ads, on a well constructed blog. 

More people are getting online and realizing that blogs that are well focused in one area, one niche, and are dedicated in sharing unique information – are actually worth interacting with. And when it comes to having ads on the a blog, Google’s adsense seems to be getting more creative and getting people to interact more fully with those ads.

In 2016 I will continue to work with adsense, but the reason why I use adsense is primarily to see if I have a “winner” of a blog. Once I realize that I”m making at least $1.00 per day on a blog then I know that a blog has “legs” and is good enough to begin creating products for. Not only begin creating products, but also quickly put a white paper, or free report together, so I can give away via my blog.  That way I can build my email list and once my product is done I can contact my subscriber list and pitch them the product.  And of course you can’t just “pitch them” a product, you have to build a relationship with that list first. The sooner you start the better.

If you need an example of what I am talking about, you can always check out my layout on this blog.  Notice how I have an opt-in box on the right side, and a pull down bar at the top of the page. Once people see this they will be entice to subscribe in order to get a free report, and continue to get free prime information on online marketing.

No need to complicate things. This is it. My blog layout is quite simple but there is one reason for that… it works.  

I don’t like writing and giving out “obvious” advice, and nothing can be more boring that blogging about obvious advice on blogging.  The best advice I can give you is this…  write about something you are passionate about yet it has to be something that people are deeply interested about.  It solves a burning problem for them. And you are able to provide unique information that is targeted.  In other words – don’t write for everyone, write for a selected targeted group of people… not super small but not large either.

Blogging is evolving and video is becoming a major part of it, yet for ranking int he search engines, writing with certain keywords on your articles is a good way to go, this might change in the near future, but this still a strong game as we move into 2016.

Again, the most important thing is to write about something worthwhile. A good way to check if your topic is worthwhile for a blog is to first of all Google it…  do you see paid ads popping up?  If there are ads for the subject matter – then yes.  If no ads are popping up in Google, then it perhaps is not a good topic.

And again, let your topic be specific and well targeted.

Here are a few samples of well targeted niches:

How to lose 10 pounds in 10 days

Paleo diet for those that hate cooking

Blood lowering supplement news

Latest software reviews for forex.

How to video tape weddings cheap and professionally

Law of attraction for those who don’t believe in law of attraction


Okay, the last one might be a little far fetched but you will never know how well it will perform until you try it.  Like I said, I put something out there with a little twist, original yet something that people are familiar enough to seek, and just put it out there to see how well the blog performs.

Give blogging a shot in 2016 and let me know how well it turns out!

And yes, the old adage still holds true…  “Quality content supersedes quantity”   This is key, and if you don’t get this simple sentence and apply it daily, then  you will have a much harder time making your blog successful.



Go for it in 2016 and let this be the year that you have your biggest breakthrough!