My biggest takeaway from 2015 in Internet Marketing



They do say that time does fly, but what is often not mentioned is that time is all too often not well spent. And I’m not pointing any fingers because I would be the first one with my hand up when it comes to not managing ones time.

I can’t complain too much about 2015 when it comes to internet marketing. I spent a good portion of the year doing research in finding out what truly works, and what makes it work. I think we all know that this is a tough business to make money in, contrary to your latest guru and all the “flossing” that he throws around with fancy cars, and weekly rentals. Anyways, bad mouthing gurus is not what this article is about.

My biggest takeaway from 2015 in Internet Marketing was that in order to make money in your niche, you need to be laser focused on that niche, and not keep changing things up, or worse, keep changing niches. Before we talk more about this, I should also say that…

I discovered a few niches in which traffic is so easy to get, that even without spending any money I am getting subscribers by the dozen on a daily basis. I wouldn’t let my guard down just on that note, because even though a certain niche might have a large subscriber rate, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will convert well. Yet, it is a good sign, a good step in the right direction.

So I come to believe that perhaps a niche should be chosen within an area that you are truly passionate about, but even just as importantly, it should be a niche in which you are not struggling to get subscribers, or even worse — struggling to get traffic to your website or blog.

Working in your own niche should be fun, and not feel like work, or create even more stress in your life.

Yes, it’s a business, but it should be something that makes you feel happy about life, and not more miserable. This is a given when I decide to work on any project. Whether it is a video project that I do locally, or perhaps a niche that I’d like to develop.

What if even before you decided on your one niche…

you tested it out to see how well it would do with traffic?

How well would traffic convert to subscribers?

And at what rate would subscribers convert to purchases of goods and services?

To tie it all up, this is the process that I am taking in 2016.

I have decided that I want to work with projects that are easy to build up, and not break my head trying to make them work. And it doesn’t take a lot to test out a niche that you might feel worth pursuing.

The funny thing is that people are, to this day, making a killing on niches that you would never even thought were profitable. From selling vegan books, Paleo diets, to woodshed plans. I mean, if you did not read upon those types of successes, then you would perhaps doubt people making a killing selling content and programs within those niches.

And doing diligent research also means looking up places such as and and seeing what is currently trending. From here you can start developing your map, and your blue print within your niche.

This new year I am thinking of taking the easier paved road and not going against the grain.

I see myself sticking with just my main niche (for the most part), and a couple of others niches that have shown to be profitable already,  and keeping at it until it pays off.

Eventually you will see that after breaking through long periods of not getting the results you desired… you will begin to see a shift. A good change that shows your hard work finally paying off.

The key is sticking with that one niche and focusing, and keeping at it without shifting to other niches, or completely changing directions.

Hope this helps bring some clarity… which is something I am always fond of within my marketing work.

I’m big on developing the right process, one that works.

I wish you luck within your niche in 2016.

To recap some of the takeaways from this article:

  • Work and develop within a niche that you are passionate about.
  • Your business should add to your happiness, not suck away from it.
  • Don’t fight tooth and nail to get traffic, and a good subscriber rate.
  • Subscribers need to convert to dollars or it’s not worth it.
  • Keep at it long enough and stick to your niche, and sooner or later it will pay off.
  • Develop a process that best fits your productivity and creativity.