Not becoming the Tribe Speaker to your network


A tribe speaker is someone that unifies his voice into the concept of “one.”  One direction, one vision, one voice. Someone that has taken the hero’s journey, and can in essence share those experiences with his/her tribe.

When you help your tribe and become a leader,  and when you become the “speaker,” you build a sustainable business in which people trust your experiences, your recommendations, and your direction.

Many marketers just try to sell and sell to their audiences that quickly get exhausted of all the selling. For example, every time one of these marketers puts out an email, it’s simply another offer (product) that they are selling, and no emails with any substance whatsoever.

You can raise above the noise and deliver much better worthy content – and not all of it has to be about your audience buying something.

You can easily compete against marketers that are more established when all they do is try to make a sale. You can start by focusing on becoming an expert in developing your own tribe, and your own culture within that tribe. Develop a vision that has style, just like Steve Jobs had that certain style, and a certain process that he wanted and went for, and achieved.

Even when you are giving away “free” content, it’s not a waste of time because you are always sharing your vision. People will see the value in you and your business, and they will begin to commit to your tribe.

This is essence creates a hub in which they see the process clearly; your message, your experience, your insights, your key core process, and much more. People will want to align themselves, and their business, with something that will greatly help them achieve their own goals.

Find out what sticking points, what pain points, your audience currently has, and address them by delivering a strong solution that they can apply right away.

I know it’s easy to find out what challenges your audience might have, because you might be facing the same issues yourself, and I know it’s a lot more challenging to find a solution that works. Yet, it all begins with the key core principles that we share here of developing a simplified process that works. Creating a hub, and expanding that with testing and analyzing the results that you get.

When creating content, have it be in sync with your hub. In other words, create the best content possible and sync it with your blog/website, along with your social media channels, your sales page, emails that you send out, and any other form of communication.

When doing so, an important question to ask is…

What message am I delivering?

Deliver a message that others have a true need and desire for. In your message should be the right answers to those challenges and sticking points. If you are constantly able to deliver on this — your audience will grow.

I briefly talked about having a hub. This is one of the most crucial steps I have taken to develop my business, and in our next part I will elaborate more on this with…

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