Here’s an awesome traffic source for you…


The battle rages on as to where the best place to find traffic to your website is located in the realm of the interwebs is located.

Before we start let’s just clear one thing up: paid traffic is 10 times better than “free traffic” for businesses. Unless you have all the time in the world to SEO your website, then you are simply playing Russian roulette. Why? Because big brother Google can just swoop in one day and wipe you from any rankings that took you months to build. If you are looking to build your business mainly on SEO, then you are looking to wake up one day to a world of pain. So my advice is to be aware of on page SEO, and to always try to rank but don’t go out of your way to make this happen. It’s not just a good way to run a business.

The ultimate best traffic will come from selling a product and gathering up affiliates who will promote for you. This is a given. When others are willing to get behind you and promote your offer, and you have a kick ass product or service to offer – then you will begin building your list quickly.

But what if you are not there yet? What if you don’t have a product that you can get affiliates behind… and not just that… what if you don’t have an excellent sales funnel with upsells, downsells, etc?

Google and Facebook are a great source of traffic but remember that you are competing with top companies what have budgets that are way bigger than yours, and they are willing to throw money into a fire pit to beat you in the advertising game. Facebook is getting more expensive and churning out less ads on their platform – both on mobile and desktops. Facebook can definitely be a money maker but you need a good budget and a product that people will “like” and have a social feel to it. Facebook is one of my favorite ways to advertise but I know that the environment is quickly changing and the good ROI might not last long.

One of the areas that I think has huge potential, and it’s already proving itself, is in banner ads. These type of ads have come a long way, and with new sophisticated technology where you can actually do more in depth metrics, Banner ads have the potential for the highest ROI in the online advertising market. I still believe that they have not yet reach it’s peak. When will this happen? It will happen when Media Buys (banner ads) are the new hype that every marketer will flock to. For now, it is relatively it is growing stage and it will be for some time.

RTB (real time bidding) is the growing technology that allows for display ads to race out in a market that is relatively low cost compared to Facebook and PPC ads. The science of impressions and not “pay per click” is one that has many variables that you can work with, test out, and see what winning combination works for your ads. In other words, having some kick ass creatives, and finding the right platform, along with the right landing page, the right ad copy, and everything else – IS A MORE SOPHISTICATED ART FORM THAN PPC.

Many marketers have grown to believe that PPC holds the outmost scientific art form where the true masters make a killing. That is quickly changing. I believe that display ads through RTB networks and through retargeting is a more sophisticated art form where more skill is needed to excel and make a killing in.

I definitely encourage others looking for a great traffic source to learn about RTB, display advertising, and the new hot model on the block that is Retargeting. There is a big learning curve, just like in PPC, and social media ads like Facebook, but just look as yourself as being in your own personal science lab. Mix various potions, pick the winners, keep mixing them and invent something that will be a powerful of creations when it comes to advertising. The potential to do so is there. Now it’s all a matter of picking the right platform and running with it.

What major form of online advertising do you see yourself mastering and greatly profiting from… 5 years from now?

It’s time to get started in your own personal science lab called the interwebs.