Tips on tribe advertising through your marketing funnel

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Here are a few essential tips on tribe advertising through your marketing funnel.

Even though a connection amongst the following various action might not be evident at first, it all comes back to using these steps to build a marketing process that flows.

Let’s begin with…

The more you get to know about using email marketing automation in your business…  the more you will discover that automating the marketing side of your business is not only convenient, economical, profitable but dare I say… it’s a also a heck of a lot of FUN?

When it comes to getting traffic to your website, one of the worst things you can do is jump from traffic source to traffic source and expecting to strike gold right away. Traffic sources take time to develop, test, fine tune, and truly master. It’s not hard to do so, but they do require time and patience in order for them to be proven as a key source stream that produces the desired results.

To avoid any crucial mistakes in advertising when starting out:

Don’t spend more than you can afford to lose.

Always drive traffic to an opt-in box of your own and never directly to a product. The name of the game is to Build Your List!

Build trust and add value before asking customers to buy.

Always test and tweak everything by yourself and not by what others tell you is “hot.”

The main components to test are your website/squeeze page, ads, offers, videos, reports, traffic sources, everything to the most minimal detail should be tested – this is how you get an edge on this business. Test colors, patterns, fonts, layouts, wording, sequences, and like I said, everything that can be tested should be tested.

Once potential customers reach your website/landing page that’s when the fun begins…

The psychology of the prospect/buyer nowadays is that most of them want to do their own independent research on the web, and compare prices, content, style, trust, products and services from various businesses before even moving to the next step of communicating with a sales person. What does this mean?

Gone are the days when cold calling, or door to door sales were the dominating factor. Nowadays savvy customers go through a certain process by which they decide the end point of them whipping out their credit cards will be (or logging into their Paypal account).

Nowadays a savvy customer intuitively goes through a process of:

Obtaining product/services recommendations from friends, people they know, or influencers (bloggers, journalists, video makers, etc.).

Researching information on the web.

Finding authority sites that also provide trust.

Obtaining great value from a website/business even before making a purchase. This can be derived by receiving premium content and information for free (as a complimentary gift). This is often called an ethical bribe, or white paper, that a visitor receives upon optin-in an email.

The overall amount of website visitors do not buy upon first visit. Therefore enticing them to sign up via email (to newsletters, to get updates, more information, etc.) is a way to keep that communication going.

Many people that will make a purchase at a later date will book mark your website/landing page. It doesn’t hurt to ask them to do so!

Once a potential customer goes through this pre-buying process that is when they will feel more motivated to make the purchase. And yes, often times people do make impulse purchases but this simply means that they cut faster through this process. For instance, they might get recommendations from testimonials on the actual website/sales page, get screen shots of earnings/numbers(hence proving someone is an authority), obtaining premium content and samples right there and then, and just feeling elated and wanting instant gratification by owning this product/service right away. We’ve all been there, in that spot where we just have to make that instant purchase. This is impulse buying, and it’s great to get from customers that way, but a solid plan is to lay out a campaign with an email sequence in which you nurture your leads by giving them valuable free content, and ultimately they make a purchase. This also develops a relationship with customers that will buy or use your service time and time again.

On a side note here, I like to use the word “niche” because I believe that the more you focus and narrow in on your field the more success you will attain when  starting your business. The more focus you get – the more you will be known as the go to guy for that particular value. For example, if you are in the health and fitness niche, you wouldn’t want to advertise your product as a “lose weight product” but rather get more defined and narrow in on a particular problem people have within that field. Such product could more ideally be “How to lose baby fat in 10 weeks.” This completely adds an element of being well defined and focus in want particular area… one niche that you will be known for when people need help in that area.

The more narrow and defined you are within a niche the more success you will have.