Unique Selling Solutions

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Unique selling solutions means that within your marketing process you deliberately do things and take actions to stand out and be different. You are always looking for various ways to stand out. For example, if most people are putting out white papers/pdf guides as an ethical bribe in exchange for their email, then you have to step up your game and offer videos in addition to a pdf guide. Specially if you are able and willing to be in front of camera. This will instantly give you a higher status, and add immense quality to your business and expertise. This is one unique selling solution.

Do you know the buying behavior of your customers?

Customers in this day an age are more apt to do research on what they wish to purchase well in advance before talking to a sales person, and often times if they wish to talk to a sales person they would rather communicate via email, text, video conferencing, etc.

This means that you or your sales team won’t have to spend so much time chasing down leads and working on turning them into customers. This frees up a lot of time for the salesmen (or woman), as previous studies showed that as much of 50% of a sales person time was spent on tasks other than selling, such as clerical work, researching leads, and other related actions that were not actual “selling.”

If a customer prefers to research online and collect information by himself, from websites, videos such as Youtube, Facebook, a variety of testimonials, price comparison, etc. all in advance to even deciding to leap forward and making a purchase… you have to know when to intercept them and shift them to discover more about your product and services.

The process of having a customer shift their attention towards you can be achieved in a variety of ways, but one of the main ways that you can gain their interest and trust is by educating them, and showing them a few key integral discoveries about what they are searching for.

Through your website and social media channels  you can offer a variety of educational guides and tools for them to experience before making a buying decision.

Have your potential customer experience what it would be like to own your product or have your services. Give them a taste and make them want more.

Through this process you are creating familiarity with your potential customer and your brand, product, and service. The more familiar a potential customer becomes with your product, brand, or even you, the more their “shield” will be let down little by little and they will become more trusting towards your business – but that is if you become across as truth worthy.

Keep that wholesome energy of awesomeness going with your craft, your business, brand, and everything around you, and I promise you that you that others will see that awesome value that you deliver, and in turn they will come to you and return some of that awesomeness.

Questions to ask regarding Unique Selling Solutions:

What new marketing and selling angles can you use to stand out?

What can you do to have your customer view you as an expert, enjoy your persona, and want to do business with you?

What is your area of expertise that you can provide that differs from your competitors?

How can you build rapport – not in being “chummy” with your customers (that’s not really rapport) but rapport in which they consider you an authority in your niche?

How does your selling style differ from others, specially your competitors? Are you more aggressive or more laid back?

What is your primary content that you are feeding your leads?

What are the reasons why your customers will absolutely love your product?

Is video the right format for your presentations? And if so, what is the best type of video to put out?

Are you saving some of the best points to entice a customer all through out your presentation or are you giving all the best benefits in the first minute?

Do you follow up on leads personally or try to entice them with content?

Do you actually tell them to buy if the product is right, or do you  just give a presentation that “tries” to sway them?

After the customer buys, what is your optimized sales funnel?

This may include upsells, cross promotions, affiliate products, additional components, etc. Build a fluid plan that brings the customer to the next discovery point.