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 Why do so many online marketers waste too much moolah?

adpupsTVThe problem with most online marketing is that most marketers follow trends instead of discovering them before they reach their peak.

Most marketers end up spending a whole lot more in advertising to get the same results as those smart marketers that are able to pin point upcoming social trends and capitalize on them, all at a fraction of the cost.

adpups01 copyAdPups keeps track of current social trends through analytics and market forecasting. We then convert the data, and create advertising with a more colorful picture containing a story behind it, a story quite often told via short videos. A story that people are interested in hearing, and sharing with others.

The beauty of this is that it is quite simple to implement with a little bit of creativity and imagination. Whether you use video as the primary driving force through your marketing funnel, or you implement any other medium – we are flexible enough in selecting the best option for your marketing campaigns.

And best of all? We have a seamless step by step Video Marketing Funnel process that we are able to connect with powerful marketing tools…



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 If you are an entrepreneur or small business owner, can you really compete against the big guys?

Can you compete against Amazon? eBay? Established marketers? Or the top dogs in your marketplace?

The answer to this is YES.

Multi million dollar companies are being forced into competition with entrepreneurs and small businesses, all because of the power of leveraging video advertising, and new affordable tools that truly rival “enterprise” level (just a fancy word for big business) all without the costly mark up.

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