Video Marketing Metrics

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Let’s face it, we all love to watch videos more than reading (well most of us) and feel that well made video that is entertaining, thoughtful and original can definitely change our mood, and perspective on whether to buy something or not.

Before talking about video Marketing Metrics, one quick thing that comes to mind is that:

video marketing is not easy to manage correctly.

How many times have we been bombarded with the same video over and over again… even videos that we originally loved become annoying because they just seem to keep appearing everywhere we turn. It’s not just online but on TV as well. That’s the nature of advertising, once you blast something and it tends to work, marketers seem to just want to do more of it, at the danger of annoying their core audience.

We keep hearing about new technology coming out to alleviate our video marketing pains, yet it can’t be here soon enough. Video Metrics seems to be in it’s infancy, and more appropriate tools are needed to measure and help us target our audience better.

Here are some of the current things that I keep in mind when advertising with video:

How well will my core audience accept the video?

Will my audience embrace the video to a point that they can take particular actions: subscribe to my list, purchase a product, tell their friends about it.

How can I avoid my audience being avoid by over exposure of the video?

What metrics can I use to truly measure the success of the video?

How can I best keep track of those metrics as my audience goes though my marketing funnel?

Video Metrics

Now to the core of the issue regarding video metrics… video metrics is dependent on your marketing funnel.

Decisions need to be made how your marketing campaign will kick off:  

Will you kick off your campaign with video? PPC ad? An article? Any other form of advertising?

Once you have laid out the process, and you’ve gotten all of your ad copy (including video copy) down, then it’s time to truly analyze how to best keep track f your videos.

Google analytics is a good place to start – seeing how much traffic is being drive to your offer, and how many conversions you get.

Using that information along with how many video views you get, comments, likes, etc. and working an equation as to how much it’s costing you per conversion – either to get a subscriber,  make a sell, or whatever your conversion goal is.

I like to keep things as simple as possible and just just measure EPC (earning per click) to my offer. Video is a big part of my marketing funnel but it’s not the only part. You have to be able to complement your video advertising with other features in your funnel.

Overall I keep track of each step of my funnel and see what is working best and tweak it to maximum click through and conversions. Once you get the process down and you see your numbers, what is working and what is not, then it’s a matter of testing and tweaking. 

I will be sharing more soon on specifics of Video Metrics but for now realize that it’s not a hard process do decode. Once you get your process down and you implement that into your marketing, then it becomes second nature.

Video marketing is the best form of marketing for us at the moment, and we continue to implement new tools, metrics, and new technology, but overall we know that keeping things simple and continuing to test will always be our best bet.