What are some of the best niches for late 2015 & 2016?

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I am often asked of what I think are some of the best niches for internet marketer’s to join at this point in the game.  For me is not a question of what “niche” to join, but I understand where people are coming from,

what they are asking is… what is the best way to make quick money via the internet?

My advice is to always go after something you are passionate about, yet it has to be something that there is a need for.

Find a big problem and deliver a solution. And if there are already “solutions” on the market, don’t think you won’t have a chance, this only proves that it is a good viable market. Now it comes to you being able to deliver a better solution.

I won’t write a long elaborate article here, I’ll keep things simple and before I go into what actualy niches are currently hot, I’ll give out a few pointers on…

What you need to build the right foundation:

  • The niche has to be something you love and feel passionate towards.
  • There needs to be a strong market for it – know where it’s needed and how to deliver to those customers.
  • Know how to deliver your product and/or service. Do you know what networks you can introduce your product to? What advertising channels you can use that will be adequate?  If you don’t have a network, or a list (subscribers), what do you need to do to build one without going broke?
  • You need to have a product/service that you can test and see that it works. Let numbers speak for themselves. Friends and family might tell you that your idea is brilliant, yet only numbers will speak for themselves.
  • A product that is a “one trick pony” won’t build a viable business. You need to build a sales funnels with back end products and other services that will bring in a profit.
  • Know your numbers, specially your customer acquisition number.  How much does it cost you to bring in a customer? How much does the average customer spend? Start with these essential numbers, and know them so good that if someone woke you up in the middle of the night, you would be able to blur it out in your half sleep mode.

There are many other pointers that you need to process mentally, to a point that it becomes second nature, and you no longer feel like you are a “newbie.”

Here are some of the best current niches. It all depends on your background, experience, and ambition, yet this list should at least begin sparking some ideas within you:


  • Christmas gifts:  Christmas is the biggest retail sales time of the year. Any hot products that sell via Amazon/Ebay can bring you money.  Research what specific items best fit you and fit the Christmas market. These are usually gifts that are easy to ship, are not too cheap or too expensive, and are trendy. If you are new perhaps this is a great way to begin building an affiliate store. Start with something specific and not too broad:  Don’t go for “losing weight for women product” instead you can do:  “How to lose 10 pounds in a month”  YET do it from a specific angle… perhaps with “Paleo diets” or something similar that is currently selling.
  • Internet Security:  This is a hot niche that takes more of a long term approach and dedication. It’s a hot market with a lot of money to be made. But don’t just focus on “net security” rather do something more specific like “WordPress security.”  Or providing services to companies to monitor their sites from attacks.  Another angle could be to help companies that are being targeted by bad reviews, content thieves, etc. find a solution.  Again, it comes down to what you will enjoy pursuing.
  • Media buys:  There is still an insatiable appetite for companies to find the right people to run their ad campaigns, perhaps because there is so much noise and only a few can actually deliver results. If you develop your skills in buying PPC, Facebook Ads, Youtube ads, and know how to connect businesses with the right traffic that converts – then you will have a thriving business. Develop a track record and people will want to hire you.
  • SEO:  People have been making a killing in this market, providing good results to local businesses in the area of online search.  The beauty of this is that there is a market for it, and if you are fairly new to this market – no need to spend thousands on education. There is a lot of free information on the net to learn the proper skills. You can also apply these skills to your own blog and test out, get results that you can show others.
  • And my favorite one:  Video.  Small businesses everywhere need video services.  Decide on what strong key services/products you can deliver to this emerging market. Yes, video has been around for a while, but video marketing is taking off. We can talk about all kinds of emerging niches, such as “mobile” but realize that even within mobile, you can apply your video services and products. Mobile is too much of a broad niche, but when you apply video to the mix, then you are defining a business that has more potential. Define what key areas within video are best for you…  production, marketing, media buys, etc. There is a lot of money to be made within “local businesses” and therefore a good bet would be providing your unique services and expertise to them in your specific area you are qualified in.

Overall the important thing is to dedicate yourself to one thing and one thing only. Start a blog and develop it. Become an authority in your niche. In other words, don’t jump from niche to niche like many others have done. If you start with one niche and stick with it, develop a blog, after a while that blog will get traffic and be worth something. It might not happen over night but it will happen.

I will have to continue this conversation in future articles, but for now I’ll leave it at that. Yes, I brought a lot of different pieces to the table, and this article is not meant to define each piece, rather it’s meant for bring some ideas into the conversation. Some ideas that you can explore and see if they are right for you.

And now I’ll leave  you with some of the best advice I can give you:

Don’t take action… take the right action. Do what you love and what has been proven to have a hungry audience.